Hypocrisy Thought Bubble

Before I truly begin, I feel the need to clarify that I am a huge fan of the show Supernatural, and I have supported the actors of the show, their various charitable endeavors, and their rights to personal lives. This writing deals with one of those actors specifically and, although unnamed, it won't be difficult … Continue reading Hypocrisy Thought Bubble

My Thoughts On The Existence of “White Privilege”

I've been reading a lot lately about "racism" and "white privilege". I'd like to introduce a new perspective, if you will. I will start by saying that the color of a person's skin SHOULD NOT matter. For all those folks whose gut reaction is, "But, it DOES matter!"= WHY? The very fact that there are … Continue reading My Thoughts On The Existence of “White Privilege”

The Flip side of The Rudeness Equation

I had a customer today who became extremely hostile and rude. I simply don't understand anymore. People consistently complain about service workers being rude to them, but quite often we service workers find ourselves being the brunt of unimaginably rude behavior. Being a manager, I am not about to subject the rest of my employees … Continue reading The Flip side of The Rudeness Equation