Immigrant Vs. Illegal

I’m so sick of hearing people call illegals “immigrants”. They aren’t immigrants. They are migrants, they are illegals, and people need to stop with the bleeding heart sympathy for these people. Don’t misunderstand me, I have a heart. It’s just not misplaced like so many people’s hearts and heads are. We have become a “feeling” society, one where we contend that sob stories are facts, and somehow we should all feel guilt or shame if we don’t sympathize with the plight of “these poor people”.

Look- I’ll spell it out straight for you: Immigrants are those people who come to the United States through legal channels. They follow rules and laws, learn English, and eventually take a citizenship test in order to remain. This isn’t about “privilege”. Why must people always throw that word around. This is about a nation’s right to protect its own citizens from infiltration by those who do not respect our laws, our nation, or our people. Immigrants assimilate. Illegals, on the other hand, do not. They have love for their own country, and they aren’t here to better the United States. They are here to use and abuse, take what they can get, and then run back home with what they’ve taken from us.

Go ahead. Call me an ignorant, homophobic racist, or whatever else your tiny mind can conjure. Call me a heartless bitch. The problem is, I’m not wrong. That’s also the sad part of all of this. Beyond the overwhelming stupidity of name-calling and hypocrisy, lies the truth. The tangled web that the bleeding hearts of this country have woven will ensnare us all.

Why are the bleeding hearts so hell-bent on self-destruction? Why are they so busy tearing down every value that has held this nation in place? Why do they somehow think that we shouldn’t have borders or laws like every other nation has? And, most importantly, why is it that we allow such childish behavior, fraught with tantrums and violence, to control us? The very need to be “right” is destroying every aspect of life we hold dear. The need and greed for “control” has gripped all in a fashion that will see us suffer in ways not even yet contemplated. Such is the beauty of simple minds. Theirs cannot see the path of foolishness they lay.

Please, by all means, continue to scream louder. The loudest voice in the room, from my personal observation, has always belonged to the biggest fool. Best to hold your tongue lest everyone know the wisdom you lack.

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