Skeezy, Sleazy, and Waiting on Karma…

Recent turn of events has me doubting everything about humanity and the human race, yet again. It’s always amazed me that the most dishonest people manage to somehow pin that dishonesty on others. To say the least, I am completely turned off by liars, cheats, and thieves. How is it that the honest people of the world seem to suffer at the hands of these type of folks? It hardly seems fair to have one’s character, reputation, and honor, impugned by the words and actions of someone far less honorable. And yet, here I sit, knowing that this is exactly what has happened. The only comfort that I take in all of this is knowing the truth…knowing that somewhere in a cold, distant future, karma awaits.  FYI- Karma isn’t very nice to those who have achieved things through dishonest means. I know this because I have watched it happen before to someone who treated me and mine badly. It ended even worse for them, and me and mine- well…we bounced back then, and we’ll bounce back now. Everything that we have been put through has only strengthened us and carried us forward. It doesn’t stop me from feeling angry and hurt, or from carrying the knowledge that people are ultimately selfish, greedy, and cutthroat by nature. I am also hurt by the fact that an honest person’s reputation is that easy to damage by ruthless, vicious liars. What has happened to our world that we live in? People don’t seem to consider their actions anymore, or how those actions affect others. 

I know this is extremely cryptic, and I am just venting my feelings, but I will say that the moral of my post is this:

If you live in a RIGHT TO WORK state, vote like hell to keep it that way!!!  AT WILL EMPLOYMENT guarantees that there is ZERO job security EVER, for ANYONE!!  Being an AT WILL employee means that the person you work for can fire you for ANY reason, whether it is a good one or not!  This has created long term problems for every human being who has achieved working age, or has yet to achieve working age.  AGEISM is REAL!  It is discriminatory!  DISABILITY due to job duties that result in injury claims against a company’s WORKMAN’S COMPENSATION?? Yep, they will still find a way to fire you!!! Trust me when I tell you this, it’s harder than hell to prove, but it is a real thing!

In other words, don’t take anything for granted. However, if you live in a RIGHT TO WORK state, then work hard to guarantee that every human being will be treated with the dignity and proper manner that they deserve!  Work is a necessity of life!  More so than ANY HEALTHCARE bill in this country, American workers deserve to be guaranteed some form job security!!!!  Living is expensive. Food costs are expensive. Healthcare is expensive. Stop taking away people’s means of survival!!

My two cents worth of the day.  Peace out.


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