Hypocrisy Thought Bubble

Before I truly begin, I feel the need to clarify that I am a huge fan of the show Supernatural, and I have supported the actors of the show, their various charitable endeavors, and their rights to personal lives. This writing deals with one of those actors specifically and, although unnamed, it won’t be difficult for others to put two and two together.

I will start by saying that personal opinions, while inevitable among us all, should always be shared carefully, mostly when dealing in topics of politics and religion. These two subjects should be upheld in the highest regard, as both are DEEPLY personal, and both are HIGHLY subjective. I feel that most people don’t truly understand the difference between subjective and objective, however, politics and religion should be dealt with in an objective manner when in the public eye, so as to have TRUE respect for all views that may differ from one’s own subjective experience. It sounds like a mouthful, but people like my grandparents, and even my own parents to a degree, understood these things, and didn’t feel the need to spew forth their opinions 24/7. Indoctrination is no laughing matter, and it is becoming an ever increasing problem. The most confusing part is when you have a higher profile individual sending mixed messages to already unstable individuals.

I know that some people might get “offended” by my calling a group of individuals “unstable”, but I have definitive reasons, as I have watched patterns of self-destructive behaviors and implosions, etc. I have watched as some have made unbending, if somewhat unhealthy, pledges of devotion, and displayed behaviors that any psychologist would have a field day with. In other words, with the volatile behavior, and shaky ground beneath their feet, it is an extremely poor choice to air opinions to such an impressionable crowd. They are easily swayed, highly judgemental, and extremist in their own right.

Now we touch on the point of hypocrisy. How does one stand and preach kindness and compassion on one side, and yet scream resistance and encourage speaking ill of others. These two things do not go hand in hand. I have said this a multitude of times. Kindness and compassion is something we should display towards ALL. Being spiteful, slanderous, or taking opportunities to make personal remarks that tear down another human being- these are not the characteristics of a kind and compassionionate individual. There is no such thing as it being okay because it’s about someone you don’t like.

To put not too fine a point on things here, do I agree with the sentiment that “celebrities should keep their political opinions to themselves”? Yes, and no. I firmly believe in the rights of free speech, but I also understand the limitations of such. Celebrities have become all too free with their opinions of a great many things, thereby creating public backlash for which they take ZERO responsibility. Something seems a bit wrong when you really take that into consideration. In short, one limitation of our free speech is when it is used to incite anger or violence. Some people circumvent this limitation by placing blame on the individual who became angry or violent. By that logic, as the SJWs of the world would state, is that not “VICTIM BLAMING”?

Truthfully, I am all for being hit with logic and facts, but those seem harder to come by in the recent impassioned speeches of “resistance”. Feelings are not facts. Feelings are often messy, illogical, irrational, or irresponsible. I understand this fully, which is why I utilize the advice given to me long ago. It is better to take a step back from a situation, assess all the facts, remove assumptions, and accept logical outcomes or conclusions. I hear, or read, things that make me feel angry inside all the time. The things that make me angry are those things that are based on someone’s subjective feelings and thoughts, that are illogical, contain fallacies, and are full of bandwagon or other advertising style techniques. I wish we all fit into a nice neat little box, that there was one answer to fix a problem that would fit everyone, and that everyone could understand things in the exact same way. There are no nice neat boxes, no singular answers, and certainly no singular understandings.

Let’s face facts. There is no true equality in life, nor will there ever be, even in mathematics there can be multiple solutions to a problem, people are their own worst enemies, and no two people will ever see eye to eye on everything. Even in agreement, there is often disagreement. We are all the culmination of our own life experiences. Why should anyone’s experiences carry more weight than any other? Allow me to rephrase. Why should one’s profession dictate one’s ability to influence the decisions of others? Profession shouldn’t matter, yet somehow seems to. So, right or wrong, people form opinions based from the opinions of folks that they don’t know. Somehow it turns into “sides”, and this becomes an “us versus them” mentality. For me, I have parted ways from some because I found their views to be unhealthy, as well as dismissive and intolerant. They made me feel unwelcome, and I felt unable to express myself in contradiction because it would be met with hostility or passive aggressive behavior. I confirmed this FACT on a couple of occasions, in an attempt to overcome the “feeling”.

Anyway, to sum EVERYTHING up, and especially with regard to celebrities, opinions should be guarded carefully. FACT, on the other hand, should be shared in an informative and OBJECTIVE manner. I think the NEWS OUTLETS would do well to remember that. Ratings don’t matter if all you sell is fluff and conjecture. So that’s my thought bubble of the day. As always, I am not looking for agreement, nor am I looking for an argument. Like what I wrote, then like it. Otherwise, choose your words carefully. Have a blessed day!

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