My Thoughts On The Existence of “White Privilege”

I’ve been reading a lot lately about “racism” and “white privilege”. I’d like to introduce a new perspective, if you will. I will start by saying that the color of a person’s skin SHOULD NOT matter. For all those folks whose gut reaction is, “But, it DOES matter!”= WHY? The very fact that there are still folks who perpetuate the idea of “white privilege”, is the very reason that it DOES NOT EXIST!!! I know the immediate reaction of some is to say that I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, but from my perspective, I can clearly see that there is no such thing.

The assumption is that white people have it easier, somehow. My own experience begs to differ.  I didn’t qualify for MORE college scholarship opportunities.  In fact, because I wasn’t considered a “minority”, I actually qualified for FEWER opportunities. That doesn’t seem like “privilege” to me.  Being white, I actually have a more difficult time when applying for jobs, since most companies do not want to be seen as “racist”, and will often hire a “minority” person if one is available for the position. I cannot compete in the Miss Black America pageant, however, a woman of color can compete in the non racially segregated pageant.  There is the Black Movie Awards, the Black Entertainment Television, Black History Month, etc.  Everytime any white person tries to point out this BLATANT racial segregation, we are shot down at every turn.  “Every other month is WHITE HISTORY MONTH.” “EVERY other tv channel caters to WHITES.” This is simply NOT TRUE. 

The recent trends in our country have served to lead in one direction- WHITE SHAMING! It IS racist against whites, it is racially prejudicial against whites! It is WRONG!  The more fuel that people choose to add to the fire of racism, prejudice, bigotry, and hatred, the worse the country gets.  And, the fact that some WHITES have actually joined this ANTI-WHITE bandwagon is sickening!  It all just needs to STOP!  I’m gonna spell it out:

  • There are blacks in my country that have better jobs, live in nicer houses, drive nicer cars, have better and more expensive clothes, and go to better schools than my kids or myself have ever.
  • The color of one’s skin does not determine one’s intelligence level. 
  • Personal motivation and personal effort matter, not the color of a person’s skin. If one is motivated and puts forth the effort, then one can achieve the rewards of such effort and motivation. 
  • The color of a person’s skin does not denote whether or not they will be successful in any measure of life.
  • The color of one’s skin does not mean that one can rely solely on that alone.
  • Color has NOTHING to do with the word “equality”.
  • Color of skin has nothing to do with being bullied, being ridiculed, or being terrorized or assaulted. 

All of the above are ABSOLUTELY TRUE. Anyone who believes otherwise needs to really study harder.  We’ve grown accustomed to blowing things out of proportion, allowing “imaginings” to shape our minds, and accusing people of “victim blaming” for far too long. As a person who drove through a colored neighborhood once, and was pulled over by a policeman of color, I can tell you that I know what it’s like to be made to feel like I was being discriminated against. I was told that, and I quote, “You don’t belong around here.”  Keeping in mind that I was born in America, raised in the suburbs SURROUNDING this particular neighborhood, and yet being told that I “didn’t belong”.  Go on…tell me it’s an isolated incident. It ISN’T. As publicly made known from the “Oscars So White” statement from some well known names…having “equality” isn’t really a goal. As I witnessed MANY times in the suburbs where I grew up…ebonics wasn’t designed to be “understood”. It was a language meant to SEGREGATE.  I was often ridiculed, OPENLY, and laughed at because I didn’t understand what was being said.  And YET, people are still buying in to this whole idea of “white privilege” and shaming folks for the one thing that absolutely NO ONE can control- The color of skin that a person is BORN WITH!!  Are you KIDDING me?!?!? Am I PISSED?  Absolutely! Are people being ultimately STUPID?? You betcha!! 

Look, the only state of racism that truly exists is in one’s mind. The fact that we’ve all been fed a pound of horse shit daily for most of our lives- yeah, that might be one of the reasons that people think the way they do. Paranoia, delusional idealism- those may play another huge role.  Flat facts:  Equality doesn’t truly exist.  Whether it’s in looks, intelligence, accumulated wealth, talent, etc.  It doesn’t exist!  I implore people to check out Kurt Vonnegut’s Harrison Bergeron.  The story is a great example of what society could become if we continue to push the ideas of “equality” too far.  Granted, it’s an exaggerated version of that “equality”, but then so is equality itself.  People are never happy, never satisfied, never content to have what they have. They always need others to blame for their misfortunes, their shortcomings, and their failures. That’s LIFE.  Until people become consciously aware that those shortcomings, misfortunes, and failures have NOTHING to do with race, gender, or otherwise, then we will continue to have these “equality” battles.  In reality, there is more SEXISM in the world than there is RACISM. And THAT, my friends, is a fact. However, instead of leveling accusations against ENTIRE POPULATIONS of folks- how about we look for FACTS instead.  The biggest thing that pisses me off about the culminating opinions of “white privilege” is that it is ASSUMED to be all-encompassing.  

Anyway, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again- ALL lives matter.  Sure, it’s about a race- the HUMAN one. The sooner people get over this whole segregation thing, the better off we’ll all be.  That’s my rather long irate thought bubble for the day. And before someone steps up and decides to call me a racist- please make sure you know which of the multiple cultural backgrounds,that make up ME,that you believe I think I’m superior to in every way. In short, I can answer that, none.  Keep in mind that this is me venting my thoughts and ideas, these are my opinions, and this diary of thoughts is written solely for the purpose of me working out these thoughts. In other words, these writings are for my personal therapeutic, and slightly cathartic, purposes only. Have a blessed day.


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