I sit here quietly, contemplating life and the existence of all things. I am from a solitary space, a darkness that held me in its grip for a length of time. I fell from that darkness into an abyss of light, and even at its warmest peak, I shiver. I sit, wrapped in a blanket of lies, shrouded from truth by a curtain of deceit, as its gnarly grasp squeezes my delicate throat, bidding me to scream, taunting me with talons so sharp that I know my cries would be ripped away upon utterance. Alone. I am utterly alone in my thoughts, stranded like a drifter on a path to nowhere. I arrived from darkness, and while it seemed that the light bathed my skin, perhaps it is still darkness in disguise. No matter, I shall return to the true darkness again. For now, I wait.

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