How To Lose My Attention In 30 Seconds Or Less…

I read. A lot. No…really. I read every single day. Books, magazine articles, news articles, blog posts, opinions, stories… I read it all. Okay, not every single word of everything I read is actually read. Why? Because a lot of what I run across bores me to tears. So, I have decided to outline all the ways of how to lose my attention in 30 seconds or less, with less being the more probable occurrence.

  • Whining: This loses my attention so fast it would actually make your head spin. Everyone has problems and issues, so why do some people need to carry on so much about theirs? Seriously…see a counselor. They get paid to listen.
  • Excessive boasting: Drives me up a wall. Ten seconds is all you get of my time. I don’t resent anyone’s success, nor am I jealous, but if I am hearing it for the umpteenth time… we’re done. A little humility goes a long way.
  • Trying to sell me something: Infomercials are the absolute worst, followed closely by friends or family turning into a real life version of one! Seriously, I have tried a lot of products in my day, and I am fairly happy with the things I use. I am also quite capable of research, and even trial and error.
  • Attention baiting: If you have something to say then say it. I am rarely in the mood for a game of twenty questions, or the “What’s wrong with Wendy” game. Blink once if you understand, because by the time you blink twice I’ve already moved on.
  • Lies, half truths, and misinformation: This speaks for itself. I am neither uneducated, nor stupid. I do not consider myself to be a foolish person, nor do I settle for one person’s version of truth. I prefer substance over fluff, and I always tend to verify things through MANY sources. I learned a long time ago that there are MANY truths in life, and I take each one with a grain of salt.
  • Political opinions: We all have them, so let’s not lie to ourselves on that point. That any one person believes that their personal opinion or narrative carries more weight, holds more value, or is more truthful than the next…well… that’s just a load of garbage. One person’s truth is another person’s lie. There are no grand righteous truths walking around. All I see are a bunch of folks desperately trying to decide what’s right for everyone, and ultimately it ends up being the wrong thing for some. The sooner that we all accept that there are no simple answers to things, the better off we’ll be. Life is complicated and it’s messy. People are also complicated and messy. If laws could fix that, that’d be great.

Those are most of the things that lose my attention. There’s also the being boring one. Seriously, if you drone on and on about yourself without ever once asking about me? I can’t imagine why that would lose my interest, can you?

Things that keep my attention: Keep it real, keep it simple, keep it clean, find humor in life, look for the good in others, see other people for who they are, show compassion, and above all be respectful. Every person has a story. We’ve all arrived from a different place, traveled different roads, and no two journeys are ever the same. This is life, not a soap opera, and I prefer to keep it that way.

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