Life: The Ultimate Struggle

You’ve probably heard ‘ism’s like “The Struggle is real”…because the truth is that we are all struggling in some way.  I know I have heard the statement that “everyone is fighting a battle of some kind”, and I know that it is absolutely true.  However, everyone that fights a battle seems to feel like they are alone in their struggles.  Why is that?  When I’ve talked about perspective and perception in the past, I know people look right past it.  It sucks to read some drivel that seems full of pompous conjecture, and I’m sure that’s how I can come across. What really sucks is that I’m right. I know people hate to hear truth. Hell, one only has to look at the amount of nonsense that floats around Facebook to see:  Misinformation is the new orange.  What do I mean?  People thrive on gossip and rumors, not so much on the real deal.  

Life truly is the ultimate struggle.  We are born, against our will.  We conform to rules, against our will.  We go to school, go to work, grocery shop, and do many other things, against our will.  Why do I say it is against our will?  Well…let’s break it down.  Who really truly wants, at their core, to have to pay for food?  Who truly, at their core, wants to have to go to school or work?? Did we ask for life?  None of us did, yet here we are.  It’s the ultimate inner struggle of being.  I know it sucks to face that truth, but then I am one big ball of suck!  Do I hate being right?  You betcha!  Humans have pondered their existence since the beginning of time.  Sure, humans have even taken to man derived religions to answer questions that even science cannot explain.  We’d like to think that we have all the answers to things.  Sadly, we do not.  Does religion answer those unanswerable questions?  I suppose some people like to believe that it does.  I suppose that, somewhere in the musings and writings that we call the Bible, there are answers to human ponderings.  I really don’t think they are the answers that people want to hear, or even know.  See, even in the most “holy” of gatherings, truth can often be cast aside by doubt, by human pride, and by lack of wisdom to see what is right in front of us.  

Anyway, these are my wandering musings for the day.  As such, I don’t truly expect anyone to read, or care, about my personal thoughts. They are what they are, and nothing more.  However, if one were so moved to find resonance with these thoughts, take comfort from words in the Bible where it talks about continuing to seek truth, and know that God (should he/she truly exist in this world) rewards those who do.  Whether you believe in God or don’t, truth is its own reward, and its own salvation.  My thoughts for the day.  Take care, and find peace within.  

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