Living With Opinions…

I’ve given a considerable amount of thought to this post. The truth is that we live with opinions every day. Our own, our relatives’ opinions, our kids’ opinions, and society’s opinions, all make up our everyday living world. Even our laws, which seem somehow so concrete, are based on underlying opinions. Someone’s opinion of right and wrong was the very basis for our civilized society. Some opinions we agree with, some we do not. Often times, we rebel against the opinions that we don’t agree with, and sometimes that rebelliousness has unintended, and at times harmful, consequences. However, are we right? That’s probably the greatest question that people do not stop to ask themselves. We go about with our worldly opinions of what is right and what is wrong, and we “know” things, I mean…just “know” them, and we are all so full of ourselves, and so sure. But, are we right?

More to a point, what we should probably be asking ourselves is, “Are we logical?” Do we make sense? Do we have FACTS to predicate our opinions? Not feelings, because feelings are something else entirely! I can have a “feeling” that someone isn’t a person I want to be friends with, but unless I have stone cold facts that outline that person as a bad influence, or a criminal of some kind, then I probably should keep my “feelings” to myself.

Hey, what do I know? I’m just going on about with my thoughts. Maybe these thoughts make sense. Maybe these thoughts resonate with someone else. Maybe, just maybe, this is only an opinion as well. But, as I pointed out, opinions are everywhere. The clothing you are wearing, yep, that was someone’s opinion formed into a product. The food you eat? More opinions. It’s not a joke, otherwise, we’d all eat the same things, wear the same things, watch the same movies, listen to the exact same music, read the same books…etc. Opinions…they make up every part of your world. So, maybe we should guard our opinions more closely. Instead of asking everyone out there to share what is solely ours…maybe keep it for ourselves. Just a thought.

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