Red Light… Green Light…Red Light…

People need to take a few minutes and put on the brakes. We could all benefit from reminding ourselves that we don’t all like the same things. Sometimes we feel very strongly about our like, or dislike, of things. When does our like, or dislike, cross a line? I know it might be an opinion, albeit a heartfelt one, but I feel that we cross a line when we use our like, or dislike, of something to sway others to agree with our point of view. Some might say that that’s exactly what I’m attempting to do with this very piece of writing. It isn’t. I am of the belief that people should form their own opinions of things. However, those opinions should be based on facts, not feelings, and not influenced by someone else’s feelings. Basically, it’s like playing a game of Red Light… Green Light, and knowing exactly when to stop at the Red Light. For instance, I don’t like brussel sprouts. It’s a personal preference, based on my taste buds, and I just don’t like them. Now, I can choose to not like them, and that’s fine. What if, though, I wanted to start a movement to outlaw brussel sprouts, and I started a petition. Sure, I am quite sure that there are other people who don’t like brussel sprouts, just as I am sure they have their own good reasons. But, what about the people that like them? Are we being fair to those people by not recognizing THEIR feelings and opinions? Look, I am not attempting to sway anyone to believe one way or another. I do wish, however, that people would understand. For every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction. For every assent, there is a dissent. We live in a world of opposing views. Half the battle is to see that. The other half of the battle is to see that accepting this is EXACTLY what “acceptance of diversitytruly means. We have to learn to accept each other’s differences, including opinions, and stop at that red light. Truthfully, making everyone in the world into yourself isn’t ever going to happen…another element of that acceptance. This doesn’t mean that we should stop being who we are, but it does mean that we should accept ourselves and others for those parts that maybe we don’t like so much. Just food for thought.

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