The Saga of Angry Amy Continues…

Sixth grade!! Magical words, they were, and music to Angry Amy’s ears. Junior high was finally here, and she could, at last, participate in a more grown up world. No more recess and tiny desks for her! She would get a locker, and she would get to change clothes for gym class. The last thought prompted a flicker of that old familiar feeling, but Angry Amy pushed it down tight. Nope! This year she was determined to be Amicable Amy! They’d see!! 

The dawn of the first day of sixth grade fizzled, full of grey skies and cold, pouring rain. Out whipped the trusty umbrella with little rainbows on it, and off trudged Amy to the bus stop. Everyone she knew was already there. As she surveyed the scene, she realized she really didn’t feel all that different from the previous year, and with an inward groan, she resigned herself to the fact that this was going to be just like every other year, minus the recess. There was Lisa, the popular girl, and…gasp…was she wearing LIPSTICK!?!? Amy became painfully aware of the drab outfit that she had excitedly dressed herself in this morning. What had she been thinking?!?!? She was so lost in her rendition of self loathing that she hadn’t noticed the older kids approaching. The snatch of the umbrella from her hands, coupled with the cold sting of raindrops pelting down, blasted Amy into the current state of despair that she would find herself in for the remainder of her sixth grade life. Taunting and tormenting, the eighth graders were relentless in the wondrous horrors that they designed for Amy. If anyone ever wondered, past this point of course, why Amy was so angry, perhaps they should have had to endure the tortures that were lavished upon her by the hands of bullies. There is much more to this story, you’ll see, and plenty of elaboration to come. Perhaps it is best to say that this might be a glimpse into the true cruel nature of humanity, but we shall see.

(To be continued…)

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