The Saga and Drama of Angry Amy…

Once there was a girl named Amy.  Amy was angry, all the time!  She was so angry that people began to call her Angry Amy, and the name stuck like glue.  Angry Amy didn’t ever seem to have anything to be happy about, and it seemed doubtful that she had ever liked anything in her life.  She moped and pouted, and was often seen ranting about a different issue every day.  I was first introduced to Amy in elementary school, and she was in my first grade class.  She never liked anyone’s outfits, she thought everyone’s haircuts were stupid, hated the school assignments, thought glue was horrible, stated that scissors were “unacceptable”, and said the teacher smelled like mothballs.  By second grade, things had not improved, and she continued her assessments of every horrible, awful thing she could find to be angry about.  Elementary school was a “bad nightmare”, Angry Amy’s words, of course.  She couldn’t wait to grow up, because everyone knew that only adults had all the fun.  Adults had parties, and friends, and stayed up late, and watched R-rated movies.  Why couldn’t we watch R-rated movies?  It wasn’t fair!!  Fifth grade was one of the worst years for Angry Amy.  Some of her friends began to “blossom”, and she felt left behind.  Mostly, she felt left behind because they stopped talking to her, and they stopped talking to her because she whined and complained about EVERYTHING!  Her clothes fit wrong, her hair looked ridiculous, her face was too big for her body, she felt awkward and clumsy, and she hated the outfits her mother bought for her at the store- so childish!!  “I can’t WAIT to be big!”, she cried.  Gently, her mother would tell her to be patient, and not to wish her life away.  At night, she would cry into her pillow, sobbing until sleep stole her tears away, only to be refreshed by the dawning of a sun that seemed too bright for the day.   (To be continued…)

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