New Look and Upgrade

I decided to take a step forward and make the plunge with this blog. Make no mistake. This is still a personal page for me, and a spot to elaborate on my personal thought bubbles. I find that I work through things best with my writing. However, in the upcoming weeks and months, I will be including some of my more intimate writings, which may include some of my poetry, short stories, and some personal narratives of sorts. As per before, I am not a highly interactive individual. I am here for my own personal musing, and to better my thought process.  I do, on occasion, partake of other people’s writings, but very seldom do I comment. Why? Because I very seldom receive comments. I don’t ask for any, nor do I expect any. Liking pieces works fine for me. I am also not here for the purpose of furthering someone else’s purposes. What do I mean? Well, as the tagline says, this blog is personal. I am not here to make anyone else look, or feel, good. When I say it’s mine, I truly mean that. No hidden meaning or intent… I am, as the name says, not mysterious. If, however, you read something you connect with, or that makes you think or feel… awesome. Cheers, and happy reading!

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