Please fund MY dream…

We live in an age of “GoFundMe” and “Crowdrise” and other personal fundraising type sites where, literally, people can beg for money for just about anything. Don’t misunderstand me, I am a charitable individual, and I have done plenty of fundraising in my day. In fact, I currently fundraise for a non-profit organization that raises money for charities. However, I have not ever begged for money. I really have a hard time with this whole “give me” concept. I was raised to believe that, if you want something, you earn and save for yourself, not expect other people to just hand you things. What’s more disgusting are the folks that use disability as an excuse to beg. If you believe that I am an insensitive fuck who couldn’t possibly understand what it’s like to have a disability, well…then you don’t know me, and how dare you. I simply don’t see my “disabilities” as being any type of excuse or barrier to my ability to earn my way through life. Am I limited in my ability to do what I want? To have the “tools” or “equipment” that would help me do what I want? Sure! I mean, it would be super awesome to have a $3000.00 computer that didn’t run like crap. It would be awesome to have a super high definition camera to take my photos with. It would be even MORE awesome to afford the latest and greatest smartphone with an unlimited data plan(to the whopping tune of over $200 a month) so I could be perfectly mobile with my writing. Oh…and a better router, wifi hotspot on my mobile, you know…the works!  Why? Well…in the hopes that I might “inspire” others with my profound thought processes.  Naw…the truth is, I don’t live to inspire others. You simply inspire…or you don’t. People shouldn’t be inspired by sob stories or by someone’s wants. People are often, instead, inspired by stories of hard work, grit, and the determination to, not only survive, but to be successful at it. Anyway, that’s my current thought bubble. 

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