Oh Poor Pathetic Me…Woe…End of the F*ing World…Drama Drama Drama…

Personal truths are great aren’t they? That’s sarcasm, because personal truths are just that: PERSONAL! I think it’s fine and dandy that folks want to “speak their truth”. For fuck’s sake… that’s where some of the world’s greatest fiction novels have been born from, from folks who recognized that people would take it as “whining” or “complaining” if spelled out in black or white. Am I inspired by folks who give personal narratives of their daily lives? No…not really!! I, like most folks out there, have issues and problems too. There’s a difference between sharing to inspire, and sharing as a means of taking a dump, like the world is your own giant personal toilet!! “It helps to talk about your problems.” True. However, it only helps to talk about your problems with close personal folks who can help you sort things. Airing your dirty laundry for the world to sort through is a bit like hanging your panties to dry over a damn freeway. These social justice warriors of the world who feel it necessary to air their grievances against folks who have “wronged” them?? Hmm…seems a bit counterproductive to me. Believe me, if someone truly wrongs me, I am going full force with the law on my side, and I will make my case in a manner that is befitting a proper human being. Otherwise, it simply comes across as a person who didn’t get their way, and has now turned into a sulky, simpering adolescent who is pouty and throwing a tantrum for attention. Wowsers!! I simply cannot fathom why the rest of the world hasn’t caught on to this attention seeking style of behavior!?!? Oh…WAIT!! WE HAVE!! Anyone with a bit of common sense about them can sort through the garbage, most of it being recycled, mind you. By recycled I mean this: The story starts with Person A and is retold by Persons B-ZZZ and so forth. It seriously makes me long for the days before internet and social media when these types of folks were shut down at the source. Now, they have a full network for their daily drama that runs rampant like a plague. It infects…it destroys! And, the more that SANE people attempt to IGNORE THE PROBLEM, the louder these types scream for attention. It is rather obvious that the problem isn’t going away, and yet there are no obvious solutions, save exiting platforms like social media. I have done this, and others like myself have done this. The folks doing the loud yelling see this as a sign of victory on their part. I can say, from my end only, that it isn’t victory at all. It is only another sign of the decay of society, and the further decline of useful communication. We are at odds in a world where opinions and truths have become synonymous, and yet the two could not be more antonymous. Facts are still facts, at least in my world, and someone’s”personal truth” does not negate fact. Tearing down someone else and destroying their character doesn’t make anyone’s lives better. But, hey…what the hell do I know? Well… I know this: It’s a hell of a lot easier to point fingers and blame someone else for all your problems than to admit that maybe you are a part of the problem. That’s what I know. So, I’m just gonna sit here in my corner and continue working on me, and know that I don’t need to “speak my truth”, because I only need to live it. One day at a time baby! Those who need to be “brought to justice” will face it in due time, and not at the hands of people who don’t know the TRUTH, the WHOLE TRUTH, and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH!! Remember, there are many so-called “truths” out there- Yours, mine, and what everyone else sees. So, before everyone flies off half-cocked on their high horse, might do everyone well to remember that!! Just sayin’!! And that’s my thought bubble for today…

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