The Conundrum of The Lemming Theory

There’s safety in numbers, so I’ve heard, and so it may seem. Perhaps that’s why we, as weak humans, seek others to share our position when it comes to issues we feel unsure about. Yes, there has to be a fair amount of uncertainty and fear, lest one would simply stand on their own two feet. We’ve all met strong, independent-minded individuals, and their convictions share their inner strength. These type of individuals need no one to back them up, and I am reasonably confident in my assessment, being that I am one of these types. Sure, there are times when I share in the opinions of others, but I am unscathed when others opinions do not match mine. I chalk it up to different states of mind, with mine being in a constant state of logical statistics and probabilities, and always seeking the logical outcome, or solution, to a problem. My mind is wired differently, yet I know that I’m not alone in my separation from the Lemming Theory. So why do so many people fit with the Lemming Theory? Is it a basic human function of preservation? Perhaps they feel that if they don’t fit the theory, then they will be outcast from society, ostracized, and left to wither and die a lonely and horrible death. Can it not ever be enough for a person to have thoughts and feelings that are lacking in sameness? That’s the ultimate principal behind the conundrum of the Lemming Theory, the question of why we can’t just simply be, without the need to have others be like us, to have that unity of a hive mentality, and that joining together of opinions as one group think. It’s kind of scary, actually. This type of behavior leads to disastrous consequences. But, hey, what do I know? I’m just a free-thinking individual who sits back and watches while others feel the need to express their opinions about what a bunch of people wore to an awards show that doesn’t matter anyway. The truth is, it doesn’t matter what  anyone chooses to wear, or why. The greater truth is, the fact that anyone has an opinion about why, is just pathetic. So a bunch of folks got together and put on a show. My family does that every four years, the whole color unity solidarity thing, but it doesn’t tend to make the news. Why not? Well, because, rightfully so, no one should give a shit! Why am I talking about it? Well, because it’s entertaining watching the lemmings jump, and only slightly sad, when the show of unity in question here happens to be a group of celebrities. Because, as you well know, celebrities matter more than anyone else in the world. They are the absolute bane of human existence, and we should only considerate ourselves fortunate to breathe the same air as they do. Yeah- that’s called sarcasm. Really, I couldn’t care less what any of them do when they aren’t working, because I am only a fan of their work- not them. Before anyone goes and gets their panties in a twist, I am really only talking to myself about all of this, and if you’re reading it, well…know that it wasn’t really meant for you. I kind of consider this blog like a little cartoon thought bubble, and occasionally you, the reader, get a step inside the door to my mind. Anyway, that’s today’s thought bubble. 

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