The Flip side of The Rudeness Equation

I had a customer today who became extremely hostile and rude. I simply don’t understand anymore. People consistently complain about service workers being rude to them, but quite often we service workers find ourselves being the brunt of unimaginably rude behavior. Being a manager, I am not about to subject the rest of my employees to such hostility. They work hard, and as such, they do not deserve to be treated with disrespect or disdain. It’s quite disgusting, the behavior I witness from some of our customers. Believe me, etiquette and manners go a long way, and that includes the consumer standing on the other side of the register. Customer service employees are high in demand, and becoming harder to hold onto for businesses! The amount of stress and bad behavior that these employees tolerate daily should be commended, at least for those who make it past the year mark!! I mean that!! Seriously, service with a smile would be much easier for EVERYONE to handle!! Customers: Do your part! Instead of making my job a veritable hell, try understanding that I am a person. Like anyone else at a job, I follow rules and training procedures. So, the next time you think I am stupid, wasting your time, or that a trained monkey could do my job better, stop and think for two seconds before becoming that belligerent nightmare that I would like to erase from existence!!  My belief is that when people stopped exercising their “right to refuse service”, that’s when “service” went to hell! Why should either side EVER settle for less than the respect they deserve??!!??

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