The Rise Of The Machines…

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I was born in the time before computers became the bane of our existence.  The truth is, I still remember what that was like…even though I was only a kid when I was introduced to the Commodore 64.  Yep…that was my very first computer.  I won’t lie and say that I believe that technology is evil…because I don’t believe that it is…but, I will say that I believe that we, as a society, have grown far too dependent on the technology.  I also believe that it is making us dumber!  I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, as I’ve had this conversation with many others from my generation.  But, then again, I’m from the time when technology was fresh, and just enough to enrich our lives a bit and make it a little brighter.  NOW, however, technology is in EVERYTHING we do!  So, ARE WE too dependent?  Let’s examine the basis for why I believe we are, and then you decide for yourselves!

I remember when I was growing up. Things were simpler then, less complicated, and people talked to each other. And when I say they talked to each other, they had ACTUAL, and MEANINGFUL, interactions. Today’s world, however, is all about social media, selfies, and internet connection. It hasn’t proved to serve as a USEFUL tool in developing better communication skills, however, and it seems to be making people MORE socially inept. And I swear, if one more kid calls me an “old timer” or makes a comment about how my generation only THINKS things were better, I am going to flip my lid. Yes… I do say “back when…” A LOT! Because….”back when” people had respect for their parents and other authority figures. “Back when”…we knew how to count change, multiply and divide WITHOUT using a calculator, what CHORES were, what it meant to EARN an allowance, and that money didn’t grow on trees. We dressed in clothing that was appropriate for all occasions, and we were sent to the school office if we WEREN’T dressed appropriately. We respected our teachers, at least to their faces, and we didn’t dare curse in the classroom. But, I digress…. WHAT does that have to do with technology? You’d be surprised, actually. Technology has made us rude. It has made us apathetic. And, technology has made us LAZY! Not only has it done all of that, but it has also created some rather alarming issues as well.

  • Video game addiction. This is a very real thing. It affects adults, not just our youth. 
  • Social media addiction. Also affects multiple genres of the population.
  • “Selfie” addicts
  • Cyber bullying
  • Easier access for fraud, theft, and scams
  • Easier access for “predatory” criminals

I think those things should make most people think twice. The truth is, sadly, people actually think they’re protected. We’ve become blindly dumb to the realities of how exposed our most sensitive information is to the wrong people. And, as our society becomes more and more desensitized, we create new BAD situations for ourselves every single day. We just haven’t caught on yet!

I guess, though, that the most irritating piece of technology has to be the smartphone. Yes… I have one. And, I have participated in contributing to the growing trend of cellphone dependency. Seriously, I can’t leave my house without it….right!?!? “Back when”…we had house phones with answering machines. Before answering machines, the caller would simply try again. But, the point is….you called somebody back when you returned HOME! Let’s be realistic for a moment. Is it appropriate to have a conversation with someone while you’re at a checkout in a store? And yet, we do!! WHY????? It’s actually pretty rude! Let’s look at a little list of other cellphone faux pas….

  • Texting or talking while driving
  • Texting or talking while in the work place
  • Texting or talking in school classrooms
  • Using cellphone while “hanging out” with “friends”

Maybe you don’t think any of those are a problem, but I encourage you to really take a look at the world around you!! I have certainly given you some things to consider. Sure, technology can be wonderful. It’s fantastic when it works right, and when it is used responsibly. But, what about when the power goes out? Try turning it off for a day… maybe you’ll see my point! But, decide for yourself. Are we too dependent??


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