So Long And Thanks For All Your Threat…

First, I want to say that sending me threats via comment, probably not the most intelligent thing to do. Second, it might be a fair thing to suggest understanding the terms “slander”, “character assassination”, and “libel”. I’m well aware of all three definitions, and am also aware of the legal ramifications of such, as well as the responsibility of the accusing party to provide evidence of “damages”. I also have a clear understanding of fact versus opinion, as well as intent, which the sender of recent “warning” seems unaware of, and/or ignored. Threatening an individual is a crime punishable by law, and cyberbullying is also a crime punishable by law. I will go on record, again. This blog space is for me personally, a place to vent, a place to work out thoughts, and as such, clearly labeled. You will find tags that clearly denote these statuses on each post. They are my thoughts, musings, ideas, feelings, and are personal. They are also reactions to posts, by news sources AND individuals, and, as such, solely my individual views of events and happenings. Some things are political, and yet some are nowhere near that. Anyone reading anything on my blog that they might feel on a personal level, please be advised: It isn’t about you. Also be advised: Anyone who feels it necessary to make threats via comment, your information WILL be forwarded to the proper authorities. 

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