Dear Diary, Re: Trump, and stuff, and all that jazz….

I’m not immune to the crap that rolls out on the internet, and if I’m being completely honest, I am rather sick of seeing the same garbage regurgitated all over the place.  I get that people have opinions, and I’m no exception to that rule of thumb.  However, opinions aren’t facts, and often the opinions that I read are rather brutally nasty in nature, and quite disrespectful.  Am I offended?  Welllll….  

Truthfully, being offended is commonplace nowadays.  I hear it thrown about like it’s the new, “You’re gonna be in trouble”…you know, the sibling crap that we all used to pull when we’d tell our older or younger sibling, “I’m gonna tell”.  Can we all grow up for just two seconds and realize how ridiculous we’re all actually being?  Honestly, I don’t think I’m so much offended as I am flabbergasted by the ignorance and stupidity that rages on around me.  People can’t even have respect for the office of President of the United States!  We have determined, in our tiny pea brains, that if we don’t like something, we don’t have to respect it anymore.  If we want something, it doesn’t matter if we attain it the CORRECT (in the case of illegal immigration- LAWFUL) way anymore.  Life is all about FEELINGS!  Wow!  

So, let’s talk about “FREE SPEECH” for a moment.  Everyone throws that part of the First Amendment out there, and they brandish it like a weapon!  Sure, you have the complete “right” to act like a disrespectful jerk, curse, be vulgar, rude, “offensive”, and hateful.  It doesn’t make it right, and, in fact, there may be CONSEQUENCES for  exercing your “right”.  I think what it boils down to are the CHOICES that people make in life.  Why do people CHOOSE to be disrespectful jerks?  Why do they CHOOSE to be unlawful?  Why do others CHOOSE to allow unlawful behavior??  I see the behavior of “calling out” those who CHOOSE to use “hate speech”, and I find it laughable at best.  People that spend their time being literally “offended” by EVERYTHING, to the point of having arguments daily on social media- we’ve labeled them “keyboard warriors”, or “social justice warriors”.  What, exactly, are they accomplishing?  

Basically, here’s what I see being accomplished by all of the whining, belly-aching, moaning, complaining, hateful, disrespectful, inconsiderate, ignorant, and stupid rhetoric that is being spewed every day. Nothing. Look…the tired arguments of “my dog’s better than your dog”, or “anything you can do, I can do better”, are just beyond ridiculous. I’d say “why can’t we all just get along”, but that’s as much of a worn out cliche as the rest. I know why we can’t get along. Power, greed, selfishness, control, superiority complexes, and FEAR! Yes, I said fear. 

People are afraid of Trump. Some are afraid, unfortunately, that he might be correct. Truth is a scary thing, but often a necessity. If we, as a people, can make something a scapegoat, that’s what we choose to do. Accepting personal responsibility isn’t comfortable for folks! Who wants to point the finger at themselves? When we make issues out of non-issue, we are scapegoating! I’ll just be blunt. The only racists that I see in my country right now, well… they’re the ones who are screaming the word RACIST the loudest. They’re the ones who are busy pointing their fingers, asking for special recognition, being condescending and hateful towards those who are “different” than themselves, and all while claiming that THEY are the ones being discriminated against! Wake up, people. The war is an inward one. It’s high time to look into the mirror and say: “Perhaps the problem isn’t THEM. Perhaps I, it is I, that is the problem.” 

I think, rather I feel, that folks find it much easier to make someone else the bad guy. Wouldn’t it be nice, for a change, to realize that we are all human, none perfect, but all striving towards our own “ideals”? Not everyone has the same goals in life, or dreams, or standards, or even ideas. There are those who would die defending what is “theirs”, and those who would gladly share, and more still- those who would give it all away. Those who would die defending are attempting to save the givers and sharers from themselves. See, I know this because I used to BE a giver. I know how easy it is to give, and what it means to be SO COMPASSIONATE that you OVER give! There is a saying: Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. TEACH a man to fish, and he will eat for life. What I have learned, and paid a heavy price in doing so, is that we need to become teachers. There is more compassion in teaching others to fend for themselves, than in giving them everything you think they need, and thus creating a dependency (MINUS appreciation) for your generosity.

Anyway, these are my musings, such as they are. As always, I am not looking for agreement, nor am I seeking response. My thoughts are just that: Mine. I share my thoughts only to prompt thought in others, and with the hope, always, to inspire. If I inspire only one person, then I have accomplished plenty. Take care, and see you soon.

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