Me, Myself, A bag of Chips and All That…

Have you ever wondered what makes us care? More specifically, about things, other people, or even ourselves? I know we all want to make sense of this great big space that we fill each day, you know, the space that we know as our world. Our tiny little lives seem like they matter, or at least we attach some manner of importance to living. I guess I just sometimes wonder why, or what the purpose of everything is, or where it’s all heading. After all, everything that begins must, at some point, end. I suppose I see the inevitability of endings, the finality of existing.  Is there something beyond the caring?  And what about the things that we think we care about? The people? Things are just that…things, and they don’t care back. To things, we are meaningless, we don’t matter, and things shall continue long after our flames sizzle and sputter, long after the fire of our existence ceases to illuminate the world around us. People are an entirely different story altogether. Even though we may inwardly care for those around us, we are often left to ponder whether those feelings are reciprocal in nature. We only have the ability to see within ourselves, and that can be truly scary. Letting people in isn’t easy, maybe for anyone. Perhaps, in truth, we are all holed up in the darkest corners of our own minds, and fearing the absolute worst of our peers. Is it possible to be open and just let that darkness fall away? Why do we have insecurities? What makes jealousy reside in the hearts of so many? Why, just why, can we not accept that we are all, ultimately, built the same on the inside? We shove our insecurities onto our peers, we tell others they don’t care about us, only because the truth is ugly, and it’s messy. The truth is, we have the most difficult time caring about ourselves, trusting who we are, believing that we are worthy of simply being. Anyway, these are the questions and musings from the dark corners of my mind. What thoughts lurk in yours? 

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