Down The Rabbit Hole…

I relate to Alice, even if my life isn’t exactly taking place in Wonderland.  It is, after all, a veritable “wonder” land.  As in…I wonder what today will bring.  I wonder if I’ll have to do the same things today as I did yesterday.  I wonder where my shoes are, I wonder where my sanity went, and I wonder if I’ll wake up tomorrow!  Yes, indeed, I do wonder!!  I believe that sometimes I wonder a bit much, but such is life, and away we go again.  Even so, my life can’t be nearly as much fun as the fictitious Alice, because there are no smoking, talking caterpillars, and definitely no grinning cats to be seen here.  Or, perhaps there are, and I’ve been far too busy to notice.  Wouldn’t that be a shame?  I’d hate to think I’d missed such a marvel due to being so overly indulgent in adult business.  To think that we lose the “wonder” of it all when we grow up, that’s the biggest disappointment of becoming an adult.  At least I believe it is.  This makes me sad, and I often reminisce, reflecting on simpler times when life could be made to stand still, and the crickets could be heard chirping in the background, and your mind could still imagine that one of them might be the most famous of all crickets- Jiminy Cricket.  How often, as a small child, could imagination make one soar above the clouds in a flight of fancy, taking one to Neverland, or across a broad ocean to a land never heard of before.  Princesses and pirates, fairies and sorcerers, these were things that fueled dreams and brought smiles to one’s face.  With just a thought, you truly were capable of becoming ANYTHING.  You can be anything you want. Right?  Only until you are grown.  And then, one must put away childish things.  If only life didn’t make such demands, but it does demand so much from us all.  To possess the innocence and delight, the naivety and sweetness of a small child- the world does not allow it, and with age comes wisdom that removes all of those things.  One might attempt to hold such things hostage in their heart, but such precious few opportunities exist to allow such to shimmer forth.  Small glimpses here or there, these are all you’ll see of the child I used to be.  Although you may not see her, Alice still lives inside, and once in a while she likes to go down the rabbit hole…

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