Let The Hate Rage On…..

The hate fires are fueled daily.  Russia, taxes, white supremacy….the list goes ON, and ON, and ON, and ON, and ON…..and it is MONOTONOUS and INFURIATING!!  The level of ignorance and stupidity just rises to new levels.  People just do not listen, and when they decide to listen, they still only hear what they WANT to hear.  It makes little difference that their own behavior is as bad, if not worse, than those they point fingers at, or that they are blatantly full of hate for the people that they stand in accusation of, or that they sound as ridiculous as a snake oil salesman.  I am just so tired of all the HATE!!  I find it both amusing and appalling that people have ZERO understanding of what REAL hate is!!!  Hate is:  A daily vendetta of attempting to discredit a person- simply because you don’t like them.  Hate is:  Actively seeking means to destroy a person’s reputation, credibility, and character- simply because you don’t like them.  Hate is:  Repeatedly stating, over and over again, how much you don’t like a person, don’t support that person, and want that person gone- simply because you don’t like them.  Seeing a pattern here yet??  We all have things in life that we don’t like.  I’m really not much different in that respect.  I don’t care for brussel sprouts, but I’m not out there trying to get them banned from grocery stores.  I’m not out campaigning for their removal from stores, telling farmers they shouldn’t plant them, or protesting their sale.  Why? Because there are people who do like brussel sprouts.  That’s their right!  If I don’t like something, I have the right not to like it.  I can voice my opinion, peaceably, but if I were to become actively violent, then that would be a criminal action.  Recent events ECHO this.  You had a group who was meeting to talk about things (have a rally).  Maybe I don’t agree with what they talk about, what they believe, what they think, etc.  However, this particular group is actually VERY MINUTE, having known membership of no more than 6000 people NATIONALLY!!  Wait….but here’s the kicker….  


That’s the number of the estimated TOTAL POPULATION!   6000 people is a considerably small number to be so up in arms over!  And, it isn’t like these people just sprang up overnight!  They are doing the same things they have ALWAYS done.  It seems to me that SOMEONE went looking for a fight!  So, who was REALLY in the wrong??  All I keep hearing is “White supremacy is bad…”, and “You should choose the morally right side…”  I am confused!?!?!?  So, in order to be “MORALLY” right…I should be siding with CRIMINALS????  I’m sorry, but I will side with NO ONE in this instance!!  How about I side with the LAW!!  Better yet…how about I side with the CONSTITUTION???  I have heard that thrown out a couple times…so YES…HOW ABOUT we read it!!!???!!!  I believe it states in the Constitution that you have the right of PEACEABLE ASSEMBLY!!!!  There is nothing in there that denies your right to discuss ANY topic, whether it is one that the GENERAL populace would agree with- or in this case- NOT.  I don’t have to agree with ANYONE to RESPECT their RIGHTS!!  Try that on for a while!  If people want to be angry…they need to get angry about the appropriate things!!  You cannot call one thing wrong and ignore all the other wrongs that took place!  And then spitting venom about a statement made by the President, because it was something that you didn’t want to hear, because it acknowledged BOTH wrongs, one more squarely than the other….WOW!!  First, the rally wasn’t wrong.  It had the RIGHT to exist.  Whether you want to hear that or not…there it is!  And a LEADER, let me define that for you:  One who is willing to speak even the most unpopular of opinions!  And that, like it or not, is exactly what was done!  Those are my thoughts on the matter!  Take ’em or leave ’em, as always I don’t expect or ask for agreement.  This is my personal log, so you’re here of your own volition.  Feel free to move on!  Cheers!  

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