Pride definitely goeth before the fall….

Okay, so I don’t usually write two blogs in a day, but I couldn’t keep this from circling in my head, so here it goes.  Pride definitely seems to be a word that I hear a LOT nowadays:  black pride, gay pride, etc.  It definitely got me thinking, because it seems that no matter which way I turn, I am constantly being torn down by statements.  Society has left me NOTHING to have pride in!  

  • I cannot take pride in being a female:  That’s sexist.
  • I cannot take pride in being white:   That’s racist.
  • I cannot take pride in being married to a man:  That’s homophobic.
  • I cannot take pride in being an American:  That’s nationalist.
  • I cannot take pride in having my whole body intact:  That’s ableist.
  • I can’t take pride in my HERITAGE:  Which part should I take pride in???????

The list could continue ON and ON!  We have defined ourselves into corners and drawn lines.  We are so busy telling other people that they are wrong for their ideas, their opinions, their feelings, and that we are INTOLERANT to those things!  We aren’t HEARING each other anymore!!  I watched a video earlier about a Professor who gave her students a piece of paper with a black dot on it.  The video went on to show that the students were asked to write about what they saw.  The results were that the students wrote about the black dot and its position on the paper.  The black dot on the paper, to me, represents individuals in life.  If we see only ourselves, and nothing more, then our world LITERALLY revolves around SELF.  How selfish is that? I do my best to hear everyone, and the truth is this:  I don’t understand all of this PRIDE crap!!  The statement, “Pride goeth before the fall” reflects TRUTH!  Sure, I could go to work and take pride in a job well done.  But, when I truly look, I see that others have helped me to do a good job.  I could take pride in crocheting a scarf.  It would be an accomplishment of sorts, I suppose.  But, why take pride at all??  What is pride?? If pride is defined in the following ways:

  • feelings of pleasure and satisfaction gotten from you, or people connected with you, that have done something good.
  • feelings of your own worth and respect for yourself.
  • The feeling that you are better or more important than other people. 

I think the first two are the healthy types of pride to have.  Should I be proud if my team does good work on the job?  Should I take pride in the scarf??  Debatable, but as pride is defined, sure, I think that’s probably okay.  I think, however, that pride can take on a new meaning for some folks.  It’s probably not a healthy one when you begin to set yourself apart from other people.  So why, then, is it okay for one group to define themselves in a prideful manner, when another cannot??  It ISN’T!! Defining yourself in such ways is very limiting and disrespectful.  It is saying to others that “What I am is more important than what you are, and therefore it deserves to be recognized!”  My question is, “WHY??”  I feel, very strongly, that we, as a society, need to take some big steps back and look at the bigger picture!!  We need to understand the very HATEFUL, very SEGREGATED, very  DIVISIONAL, very DISCRIMINATORY, and very UNPRODUCTIVE environments that we are breeding!  And, not just breeding, but ENCOURAGING!!  We are creating bad behaviors and bad attitudes!!  And, what’s more, people are okay with it!!  They are standing up for it, and they are literally supporting it!!  I’m not proud of much…and I am definitely not proud of ANY association that continues to be okay with these types of behaviors!  These are my thoughts and, as always, I don’t expect that anyone will agree with me.  I am not necessarily ever looking for agreement.  In fact, in order to grow in life, there must be some measure of disagreement.  Until next time….  

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