“Defining” Moments

I have reached a point where I’d literally like to THROTTLE people!!  The abundance of ignorance that surrounds me is mind-boggling, to say the least.  I’ve begun to despise being around people, begun to see social media as a blight, or plague, upon the earth, and have really begun to wonder WHAT ON EARTH are people thinking?!?!?!  People scream that they hate racism, and then turn around and say something completely racist.  They scream they hate segregation, and then turn around and segregate themselves.  They scream about all types of things, and I have reached the point of  “I’M NOT LISTENING ANYMORE”!!!  The reason I’m not listening is simple.  Because, you haven’t heard ME!  The truth about that is, no one wants to hear what ANYONE else has to say.  We are all too important to hear one another.  Our own thoughts, our own ideas, our own opinions:  Those are what’s important!  It matters not a lick if those thoughts, ideas, or opinions are completely WRONG!  I guess I have also reached the point where I am sick and tired of being made to feel ASHAMED of my skin color, or that it is somehow WRONG that I was born with white skin!  Yes, I have light colored skin…SO WHAT!!??!!  Does that make me a racist??  I don’t believe that ANYONE is superior, regardless WHAT color their skin is!!  So, basically, NO…I’m not a racist!  People really need to read a dictionary!!  SERIOUSLY!!  Going around throwing out words like they are candy isn’t helping matters in our society!  Labeling people, even yourself, is WRONG!!  You don’t know me!!  Making people feel ashamed for their beliefs, or for their feelings…that’s ALSO WRONG!!  Telling someone that you will only be their friend if they support what you do, believe what you do, think what you do, or DO what you do….ALSO WRONG!!!  We’re not BEES!!  This isn’t a HIVE!!  Individualism:  Means thinking for yourself.  I’m sure that EVERYONE has reasons for the things that they believe to be true.  That doesn’t mean that people cannot change.  It also doesn’t make them HATEFUL!!  However, if we are going to define HATEFULNESS, then let’s define it FULLY!  When someone says that they support something and you, in turn, call them RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC, IGNORANT, STUPID, or whatever adjective you’d like to attach, then THAT is HATEFUL!  It doesn’t allow the supporter of something to provide the reasoning behind their will to support whatever they are choosing to stand behind.  It could be as simple of a reason as, “the alternative was more unthinkable”.  And INTOLERANCE, let’s please define that!!  

Intolerance, as defined by the dictionary, means:  The unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, or behavior that differ from one’s own.

Please read that definition CAREFULLY!!  Telling someone that you don’t want to talk to them or listen to them because they’re beliefs are different than yours is…you guessed it….INTOLERANCE!!  Dividing people BASED on their beliefs= SEGREGATION!!  Are you starting to see where this is all leading???  The DIVISIONS in this country are what is tearing it apart!!  It’s being torn apart by STUBBORNNESS, IGNORANCE, and an UNWILLINGNESS to LISTEN!!!  The lack of understanding is the fault of the people who have closed their ears!!  I HAVE HEARD ALL OF YOU!!  Now I’m saying MY piece!!  I may be one little voice here on a blog….but that doesn’t make me any less important!  It doesn’t make me any more or less relevant!  THIS IS ME!!  This is MY defining moment!!  The moment where I say, “I’ve had ENOUGH!”  I’m not willing to wear labels anymore!!  I’m not willing to allow OTHERS to define me anymore!!  I’m not willing to be ASHAMED of who I am, and I won’t be BULLIED anymore!!  ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!  Either open your ears, or get the hell out of my way!!

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