Health What???

After the morning I’ve had, where a woman chose to delete her post after an exchange of words (as though deleting it means the conversation never happened), I am choosing to air my musings, not for debate, but for perusal and digestion.  In order to be fully educated, people must begin to see issues in a more rounded way.  It does no one any good to simply blindside others with biased views, and to be shortsighted is a detriment to all.  I’m simply going to outline what the above title means to me, and all may use their own minds to decipher and learn.  

I will make no apologies for being a fan of Adam Ruins Everything, which is hosted on TruTv.  Adam Conover, for those who haven’t seen the show, takes issues and educates people on the facts, including dispelling the myths that we, as a society, have so long believed.  Make no mistake, I’ve yet to learn something that I hadn’t already educated myself about, but the show is phenomenal.  It literally backs up 100% of everything I have gleaned factually on my own.  The truth is that everyone could be educating themselves, and probably SHOULD.  The conversation I had earlier this morning did contain one element that I would like to address FIRST:  “It’s easy to tell others what they need, or don’t need”.  Is it??  I’m supposing it could be, for a price.  For years, the public has been told that they NEED insurance.  We’ve been told that “if anything happens”…we’d be financially ruined.  Can you imagine the unimaginable???  Not to put too fine a point on it…but yes, I can.  I digress…let’s move forward.

Health coverage:  What exactly does that mean?  It’s a fairly new term to me, but one I keep hearing an awful lot of, and I’m fairly certain that I already had it to begin with.  Health Insurance?  Maybe not so much.  However, did I have access to Healthcare??  You betcha!!  The truth:  EVERYONE has access to Healthcare!  I don’t think that’s ever really been the issue at all, but it’s been a battle cry for lawmakers and people everywhere.  I have continued to reiterate, time and again, that Healthcare and Health Insurance are two QUITE DIFFERENT things.  I really don’t feel like people are choosing to educate themselves fully on this issue.  In order to understand better, allow me to explain, via scenario, the difference. 

  • Person A walks into a doctor’s office WITH insurance.  Person A pays (out of their paycheck monthly) $75.00 PER PAYCHECK for their insurance, pays $30.00 for their copay, turns around and pays another $18.00 for a strep test, and total cost for that one visit (provided it’s the only visit in that month) is $193.00.  (This is bearing in mind that this is EMPLOYER paid insurance, as individual costs for personally paid premiums may be much higher.)
  • Person B walks into a doctor’s office without insurance.  His cost for the whole visit is $120.00.  Person B gets the exact same medical treatment as Person A.

Yes, these numbers are based on ACTUAL figures from PERSONAL experience.  Now, here’s where the insurance companies, along with countless others, will PUSH their insurance-led arguments.  Can I imagine?  Well, what IF that turned into 12 visits in a month’s time?  What IF the medical treatment needed was something far more extensive?  What IF????  So I should make someone else pay for me??  This is where people really shine in not knowing how insurance REALLY works (yes, even those who claim to have worked in the insurance industry).  Insurance doesn’t collect money to just cover YOU individually.  If that were the case, and I assure it isn’t, then they would work more like a medical health savings plan, and they don’t.  Insurance collects premiums from ALL their subscribers.  The more premium costs that have to be paid out, the higher your bill actually goes.  What that means, if you still aren’t understanding, is that the less your actual healthcare bill costs you, the higher yours, and other subscribers, premiums will cost.  This is the argument that has been being had all over the country.  What it means is this:  If I never go to the doctor, but I pay $150.00 a paycheck (or more) for “coverage” I never use, then I am throwing away $150.00 a month that I could have been putting into a medical health savings plan to pay for ACTUAL medical HealthCare!!  That doesn’t mean that my money isn’t covering SOMEONE!! In this case, however, it isn’t covering ME!  

But…but…but….    Yessss???  Let’s go further.  What IF I needed a surgery that was going to cost $5000.00, and I had to choose between that or paying rent?  Hmmmm….well…I was told that 17 years ago.  WHAT???  Seventeen years ago, I was told that I had “pre-cervical cancer”, and if I didn’t have this surgery (that was going to cost $5000.00) I would most likely be dead in ten years.  At that time, I had no insurance, and certainly no way to pay for such a surgery.  But….I’m still here.  Still haven’t watched Adam Ruins Everything?? I highly recommend it!!  Look…people in this country keep on being sold packs of lies, and the fact that we have all believed them, that’s not okay!!  Doctors don’t make money when people are well.  Insurance doesn’t make money when people are well.  Pharmaceutical companies don’t make money when people are well.  The most important thing to glean from all my musings here is to educate yourself.  Education can make a world of difference.  Doctors aren’t perfect, and neither is anything else in this world.  Mistakes happen every day in medicine, and people shouldn’t be running to the doctor every time they sniffle.  That’s a whole other topic of musing I believe…so I will leave this here for now, as food for thought.  I hope it will prompt some thought, and/or research, to happen, and if it does:  YAY!  And, I’m thinking that I will muse about the ACTUAL costs of healthcare next.  Blessed be to all, and take care of yourselves!!

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