The “Selfie” Generation

I have noticed, for a while now, that the people who surround me daily are just far more rude than I remember people being twenty years ago.  I am not sure what has happened in our society to create the current trends, but I am fairly certain that it isn’t an ideal situation for anyone. Kids no longer respect their elders, they don’t respect each other, and, more importantly, they don’t respect themselves. Society has become this conglomerate of self-centered individuals. Kids have reduced themselves to the “Selfie” generation. By “selfie” I don’t mean the photograph kind, I mean the selfish, self-important kind. Kids have become the “look at me” generation, the ones who are so busy trying to make themselves noticed or famous, that they tend to diminish everyone around them.  It’s not ok. I am flabbergasted at the sheer amount of conceitnedness that others have become willing to tolerate. Perhaps we adults have become too soft, telling ourselves “It’s a phase…it will pass”.  But, guess what…it won’t!  As long as we, as a society, continue to condone these behaviors, they will proceed to grow in numbers, and become more difficult to change.  I see the paths that have been taken that have led us here, as well as the outcomes of our future should these paths not veer from their current course. Sure, others before me have broadcast doom and gloom predictions, and people haven’t mended their ways.  I guess I just don’t understand the vanity or  shallowness of my surroundings. I wasn’t raised to act that way, and I certainly was taught the meaning of respect while growing up. But, perhaps parents aren’t actually raising their kids anymore. There’s a laundry list of reasons, and maybe that’s a subject for further musing. These are my thoughts for the moment, however.  Until I vent some more….

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