There have been many points in my life, thus far, when one chapter has ended, and a new one has begun. With every fresh page neatly written, and every memory lovingly engraved within, the book that is my life continues forth. As the years fly by, never ceasing in momentum, I often ponder the content of the story that is solely my own. Its unique viewpoint and voice could lend wisdom to many, of this I am sure. And yet, is my story really all that original? I am certain that others have experienced similar circumstances in their own journeys. Of course, they are not me, and the wealth of knowledge and wisdom I carry from each individual chapter of my travels through this time that is mine….well, it is from my own mind, and the perceptions developed from my individual point of view are certainly original.  I make no assumptions that I am a wise individual, simply a wiser one for what I have learned. But, isn’t that the true nature of wisdom? If we travel our path and learn nothing, could we truly be perceived as wise? I digress. As usual, I have found myself at a crossroads. There are different directions I could choose, and each path promises an abundance of knowledge. One thing is absolute. This will begin a new chapter in my life, and my story will once more shift in its narration. Thus ends my musings for today…..

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