Everyone Wants Something….

We’re all human, and we all have wants and needs. I am finding, more and more often, that some people don’t seem to know, or understand, the difference between want and need.  For instance, I need to breathe in order to stay alive. I want ice cream, because it tastes good, but I don’t need it.  It really is that simple. Our youth in this country are struggling with understanding these terms, and I don’t find it amusing or cute.  In fact, I find it sad.  The fact that society has become a cesspool of opinionated definitions to already defined terminology is a problem.  We already have enough language barriers without redefining long understood terms.  In turn, it has created a generation of demanding, disrespectful, and entitled brats. They want everything, but they are willing to earn very little, and that includes respect.  Why on Earth would I, someone who has worked hard all my life and paid my own hard earned money to go to college, respect some teenager whose daddy is giving them money because “it’s just too hard working so much.” And why would I respect someone more than half my age who disrespects me and other adults around me?  People can want things, but if they aren’t willing to earn what they want, then they shouldn’t whine and cry about it.  I’m just saying… I don’t give ANYTHING away for free.  

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