What is your Worth??

I find it interesting, how we judge others, and in turn are judged.  Just how does a person determine self worth?  Further still, how do we determine someone else’s worth?  I recently was privy to a comment made amongst management at my place of employment. I was shocked, and even slightly felt insulted and offended, by a word used by the upper management.  Peon.  The word itself denotes someone of a much lower stature, and generally one of low value.  This angered me greatly.  To think that my time and efforts aren’t valued in quite the manner that perhaps they should be, and to think that I am not valued as a human being, is not something that any employee should ever be subjected to.  No one should ever make another feel like less, simply because of a job title or a pay raise.  Having been a former employer myself, I find myself in a precarious position of deciding how to proceed.  The belittling behavior of this individual, that I also witnessed shortly after the comment, has me in a mental uproar. Part of me says, “Continue to walk amonst the “peons”, because they need a strong mind and voice”.  I know I could secure much more gainful employment elsewhere, so why do I stick around for this?  I’m just not sure anymore.  I shall continue soul-searching.

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