A Piece of my Heart…..

If I look closely, I can see just the hint of what you used to be.  Now tattered and frayed, worn threadbare, and discolored to a dull gray, you sit upon a shelf and stare back at me with those marbled eyes of black.  Such love was showered upon you in more glorious days gone by.  Hours we shared together, filling hallways and rooms with joyous laughter, and frollicking in forts built of pillows and bedsheets.   You kept me company, and made me feel safe during the darkest of thunderous storms that rocked the foundation beneath us.  There were, of course, those most horrific moments when I thought I’d lost you for good, and with tear-stained cheeks I’d search with a heart filled full of dread should you not return.  But, always…there you would be.  There were those who sought to come between us, but I clung tightly and swore that you would never leave my side.  So many years have faded to distant memory, and yet you are still as lovely to me as you have always been.  Though there are those who would never understand what you mean to me….I know.  That is truly all that matters.  A piece of my heart shall always belong to only you, my most cherished childhood friend.  

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