The Meaning of Words…..

If you’re like me, you’ve probably wondered how words come to mean what they do.  Have you ever just said a word, over and over and over, until it sounded like just a ridiculous noise?  I think it’s a game that started when I was a kid.  We did it with names too.  Honestly, the fact that we speak and understand each other is a downright miracle.  When I look to the dictionary and see words like plethora, that’s when it really hits me.  How many words do we actually need to use?  Why are there such an assortment of different words that mean basically the same thing?  It seems redundant, if you really ponder the subject.  And, speaking of the subject, what is the deal with punctuation?  There are literally hundreds of ways to use words and punctuation to convey meaning.  Why does language have to be so complex?  In all seriousness, I see so much in the breakdown of communication, that I often wonder- what IS the point of communicating?  To think that there are so-called “experts” in the subject of communication is laughable.  How does one become an “expert”?  We, as human beings, have so many different ways of communicating with one another, that it is highly likely to miss subtle nuances.  We might THINK we understand one another, but DO WE??  I’ve been misunderstood so many times that it seems more probable that we all possess limited levels of understanding.  When you add in further complications of language itself, the probability of misunderstanding extends even further.  I fully believe that this is the fundamental reason for so many disagreements in the world.  When  I have engaged in listening to opposing arguments, I found structural similarities between them.  I find that most people could come to core understandings if they removed language barriers.  The way that we define things, and the way that we understand things, become the base of our perception.  When we look at everything, all put together, we can come to the understanding that our perception is limited.  In knowing this, we begin to see the limitations of our own knowledge.  Ugh….it’s too early for such deep thought.  However, as always, I continue to be puzzled by these concepts.  These are my thoughts for the day….so enjoy if you wish.  

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