Thinking about Stuff…..

What’s wrong with people?  I think I’ve asked myself that question at least a few hundred thousand times.  Lately, I’ve asked that question at least a few dozen times a day.  I used to think that I had a handle on things, that I had some semblance of an idea as to the way people think.  I guess that’s what I get for thinking.  What really gets me thinking nowadays is the whole subject of “free speech”.  I guess I’m trying to figure out just WHY some people think that they have a right to be heard, and others around them don’t share that same right.  I find it laughable when I see someone spewing their opinion all over the place, just to see them telling others to “shut up”.  Maybe, the truth is, I am tired of hearing everyone spout their opinions.  However, I look to myself and understand, I am doing the same.  Or am I? I just don’t know anymore.  What I do know is this:  Humans all have unique viewpoints that are derived from a number of different factors that include-

  • Where they are born.
  • Who they are raised by.
  • What they are taught.
  • What they experience.

I just find it odd that people seem to think that what they believe is correct.  I have come to many understandings in my life thus far, and what I have come to see is that there are no black or white answers in life.  Life contains so many different ways to be seen, that it is impossible to view them all.  Perhaps we are ALL wrong.  We all just expend so much time and energy on being RIGHT all the time.  I don’t believe that life is about being right.  Life is about living and learning.  How better to learn than to listen?  I just watch so many people shut others out recently, because those people think or believe differently than they do.  Shutting out what you don’t want to hear isn’t the answer to anything.  I guess there truly aren’t many in this world with “open minds”.  I hear people claim to have one, and yet their actions speak quite differently.  And tolerance?  Don’t get me started with that one.  There are, most assuredly, those who could benefit from practicing what they preach.  I have many more musings, but I’ll cut this short for now.  However, one final thought-  I wish more people would simply THINK before they speak.  It would solve a few issues.

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