Filling the Void…

I had thought to keep a journal entry nearly every day, but I find myself having days where my thoughts are so scattered, it’s almost impossible to sort them into a logical pattern of coherence. I suppose I could fill the void with nonsense and randomness, and that might seem appropriately me. I find myself lacking the motivation to do so, however. It’s the same with conversation- you know, the awkward type of conversation that is fairly one ended.  Again, I could work on filling the void, but meaningless prattle isn’t a strength I possess. We seem to do a lot of filling voids as humans. Sometimes we fill the void with harmful things, like getting drunk, or making mischief. But me, I am perfectly content to fill the void in silence and solitude. In the quiet, I find my best self. In the aloneness, I am able to ponder, question, and give way to deeper thought processes than if I were to be forced to find ways to interact with others. I see nothing wrong with filling the void with absolutely nothing. At any rate, I have decided that I shall write when motivated, and leave a blank space when I’m not. Not all things need to be said all the time. These are my thoughts for today. Until next I write again….

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