Pucker Up Buttercup…

Per the norm, I am venting my feelings and thoughts, and I have no expectations of agreement, nor do I expect these to be read. These are, after all, my “Just for me” diaries.  I am to the point of loathing social media sites and the celebrity butt kissers that exist everywhere.  I don’t understand how people can look up to these folks with such a vision of idolatry.  Are they not people? And the comments that are made to and about some of these folks are sickening, to say the least. I feel that I have reached a breaking point, and I would love to throttle some people. Where is their self esteem?  I’m just going to bullet point my thoughts:

  • Celebrities are just ordinary people who have high profile jobs with a lot of exposure.
  • Their thoughts, ideas, opinions, and feelings are no more important than anyone else’s ideas, thoughts, feelings, or opinions.
  • They aren’t perfect.
  • Everyone has problems.
  • They have as much right to their personal space and privacy as anyone else does.
  • People pry, spy, and dig too much into celebrity lives. 

Look… I am a fan of a lot of things. I love music and movies as much as the next person. But, I really don’t need to know every last detail of someone’s personal life, just because they might happen to star in a show I like.  I think it’s sickening, and unhealthy, and abnormal to obsess over celebrities the way I see people doing.  We all have passions in life, but ogling and worshipping a person you don’t know personally, on a one to one basis, seems a bit odd to me. All I know is that your own happiness should not stem from the successes, scandals, battles, or breakups of a person who doesn’t even know you exist. And jumping through hoops to try and get their attention makes a person a bit of a circus dog, doesn’t it? Well…those are just my thoughts.  It’s something to chew on for a bit, for sure.  

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