How Do I Offend Thee… Let Me Count the Ways…

Truthfully, if I were to dig deep enough, I could find a million things to be offended by, and a million ways to offend others.  Even more truthfully, isn’t life far too precious to waste on such petty nonsense?  People astound me in abundance with their argumentative ways, their nasty attitudes, and their very unwitty, yet sarcastic, snark.  I have to pause and ponder why they exhibit such remarkable displays of ignorant willfulness.  Why is it not enough to indulge in our own delights?  It is as though we are all perpetual children seeking to destroy each other’s toys.  I am both appalled and enthralled at once!  It literally boggles the mind, and yet it is the bane of every relationship that I witness-  gossiping, rumors, outright lies, name-calling, cheating, stealing, and many more nasty traits that are an abomination to happiness.  People can never just find pleasure in each other’s company, nor the prudence to allow each to find their own form of joy.  It is a mysterious thing, this, unlike myself.  I am not mysterious at all, although I am somewhat of an enigma to most.  Perhaps that is the way it is meant to be.  In the simplest things one may find the most complexity, while seeking simplicity from the most complex source.  But, I digress.  I suppose one could choose to be offended by my musings.  I might find that amusing.  That one could be offended by mere thoughts might prompt further thought…..

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